repair-00W2671 - Repair 00W2671

Price: $456.83
repair-00W2671 Repair 00W2671
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Manufacturer Part Number : repair-00W2671


90 day warranty included
Select your Extended Warranty
2 Year Extended Warranty (+$68.53)
3 Year Extended Warranty (+$91.37)
4 Year Extended Warranty (+$114.21)
5 Year Extended Warranty (+$137.05)
Life Time Warranty (+$228.42)



You do not need pay extra for labor which is regularly more than $100 to exchange the Logic Board / Mother Board and back and forth to your local computer shop.

This price include:
Part (If needed) + Labor + Return Shipping (US customers).
For all our international customers, return shipping will calculated at checkout.

Sending the computer to us is on you.

The Logic Board / Mother Board should not have physical damage, liquid damage or touched from previous technician.

We need to have the complete computer that we can test everything after repair. For laptops we need to have the charger as well.
For Mac / Apple Computers: You can keep your hard drive.
For All PC / Servers Computers: Due to driver and operating system complication we need to have the OS insttaled on hard drive along with the machine.
(Please do not send us apart computer or just the Logic Board / Mother Board) On checkout page we get your payment information for verification only. After we finish the repair, we will contact you to process the payment. We do not charge you in advance and if we cannot fix the computer, we will return it back to you for free.

The repair time is normally 3 to 5 business days after we received the item.

Product Condition: Refurbished

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