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94Y6059 94Y6059 Czech489-RoHS DT_KYB
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Manufacturer Part Number : 94Y6059


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Part Number: 94Y6059
Note: Czech489-RoHS DT_KYB

Compatible Machines:
1u 18 5 inch standard media console type 1723
system x3100 m4 type 2582
system x3100 m5 type 5457
system x3200 m3 type 7327
system x3200 m3 type 7328
system x3300 m4 type 7382
system x3400 m3 type 7378
system x3400 m3 type 7379
system x3500 m3 type 7380
system x3500 m4 type 7383
Product Condition: Refurbished

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