Apple Cinema Display 30-inch Power Adapter, 150 W

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Apple Cinema Display 30-inch Power Adapter, 150 W
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Manufacturer Part Number : 661-3356
60 day warranty included


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661-3356 Related Part Numbers

661-3356, 611-0390, 611-0346, A1098

661-3356 Compatible Mac Family

Compatible with: Apple Cinema HD Display (30-inch DVI), Cinema Display (30-inch DVI Late 2005)

A1098 Power Adapter for Apple 30" Cinema HD Display DVI 150W

  • Where used: Apple Cinema HD Display (30-inch DVI)
  • Apple Model #: 661-3356 611-0390 611-0346 A1098
  • This is a AC adapter for Apple Cinema Display 30" Flat Panel (DVI) A1083 / M9179
  • Note : This adapter is for Apple Cinema Display 30" Flat Panel DVI A1083 /M9179. This part does not comes with wall cord. 3-prong AC power wall cord is required, please order part ?922-6529?or contact us for more information.


Compatible ModelConfigurationModel #EMC #
Apple Cinema HD Display (30-inch DVI)Apple 30? Aluminum Cinema Display DVIM9179LL/A, A1083?

Cinema Display 30" A1083Aluminum (DVI) Mid 2004: M9179LL/A
Aluminum (DVI) Late 2005: M9179LL/A
Aluminum (DVI) Late 2007: M9179LL/A
Tech Specs:
Wattage: 150W
Input Voltage: 100-240V
Input Amps: 2.5A
Output Voltage: 24.5V
Output Amps: 6.1A

Identifying Numbers:
Apple Part #: 661-3356
Model #: A1098

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